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      Hi! If you are here, you have probably woken up every morning since November 8, and immediately thought and/or yelled, “OH NO, IT WASN’T A NIGHTMARE! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING??”

      So we all have that in common at least! Beyond that, let’s get to know each other. I’ll start.

      My name is Shannon and I live in Spring City with my husband Rob, two boys ages 12 and 14, and two little dogs, one of whom screams like a human child when she’s alarmed. She gets me.

      I grew up in Massachusetts, moved to Downingtown in high school and moved up here to Spring City in 2000. I am a web developer and I work from home for a marketing company specializing in the senior living industry.

      I was shaken to my core when the election results came in. It was a life-changing moment for me, as it was for so many others, and it was an opportunity for me to examine my privilege and recognize that it is my duty to fight for those who will be affected by this horrifying administration and their incompetent misogynistic xenophobic racist anti-science Mean People’s Playbook.

      That about sums me up… how about you?

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      My name is Jessica and I don’t have an avatar because I don’t know how to do that… 🙁

      I live in Tredyffrin with my beloved 6 year old, four-legged child Fiona, and sometimes my husband. My hobbies include politics and trying to find someone to clean my kitchen. Pretty much, those are all my hobbies.

      My political position is so far left that if the world were flat, I’d fall off the west side.

      My major goal in life is getting enough people who read to vote in EVERY election so we can build a Democratic bench, and take back the State House and Senate, the Federal Congress and then in 2020, the White House. I need to complete these goals so I can move on to my two-item bucket list: go to Harry Potter land at Universal and buy a Sleep Number bed.

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      Hi! Leslie here. I live in my own tiny Progressive area 51 of West Nantmeal Township with my left leaning family which includes my husband, son, two Labrador Retrievers, a turtle some frogs and lots of wildlife. I have a grave case of tRUMP fatigue and owe what little sanity I still possess to my canine Zen Masters and nature.

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      Hi! I’m Amanda. I’ve posted quite a bit about calls I’m making in the facebook group.

      As I’ve grown older I’ve been leaning more and more go the left. 2016 was the first election I didn’t vote for the Republican candidate, but there was no chance in hell I was going to vote for 45; I was firmly in the anyone but Trump camp.

      I am now a registered Democrat, even though that still feels weird for me to say. But I don’t want to be associated with this ridiculous party and what they now appear to stand for.

      I’m a stay at home mom of two, and spend most of my time wrangling them. I’m a former nuclear power plant worker, and a chemical engineer by degree.

      My main focuses are the environment, the refugees, and education. Though everything feels like it’s going to hell in a handbasket.

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      Hi, I’m Peter, an immigrant from Ireland, I washed up in West Chester about 9 years ago.  Always been a left-winger, but never massively involved in politics.  I despise Donald Trump (and Mike Pence).  I suppose by default I’m a Democrat, mainly because most Irish people in Ireland are (I was quite surprised to see Irish Americans like Toomey, Meehan, Costello and Fitzpatrick in the GOP, especially when I realized what tools they are).  I think Trump and the Trump agenda, aided and abetted by the GOP, is not just a threat to the US but to the world as a whole.

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      Hi Peter! Ireland is my favorite country. Love it there so much. I was in Dublin immediately after the election and everyone we met was like, “What were you people thinking?”

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      Hi Shannon!  Yep, I’m originally from Dublin, North Dublin to be exact a small town on the coast called Malahide.  I think the overall feeling was one of shock.  My mother is in her 80’s and is glued to CNN most days following the stories!

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      Hi, I’m Allison.  I am from Downingtown, but I teach in international schools, so I am seldom home!  Right now I’m living in Delhi.  I look forward to the chance to meet some of you when I’m back this summer.

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      Sandy M

      Hi! I’m Sandy. I used to be a nurse practitioner, but now I am a full-time artist…and part time political activist.

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