We are a new, growing organization committed to political action.

You’ll find on our site a calendar of events, and a resource list you can use to contact issue organizations, find election, candidate and elected official information, and track legislation.

There are a lot of groups that you can join: issue-oriented, big national organizations, political parties….why Indivisible? We are local, here in Chester County. We are people-powered and committed to taking action on things that make a difference in OUR lives. In the past few months since our inception in January of 2017, we have pushed out daily and weekly action items related to our Congressman and Senators, organized rallies, held trainings, and helped connect people with the information they requested. In the near future, we will be holding meet and greets to discuss issues, postcard parties, and we’ll be helping to register voters here In Chester County and get those voters out, this year, for the primary and general elections being held in 2017.

As we grow, we will be adding to this site so that it becomes more valuable as a resource for everything you need to know, and options for actions you can take. Perhaps you’d like to help by joining the Social Media committee: these are the folks who will not only work on the web site, but also the email blasts and other social media channels. Interested in helping? Email <whichever email you like to use>

Check out our site, see what interests you, and then consider joining one of our action committees. If not Social Media, perhaps Outreach, Membership, Events or Research. We are people powered, and we need you!

Thanks for being here.

Best Regards,

Jessica Weingarten, Chair on behalf of:

  • Shannon Browne, Social Media Committee Chair
  • Phil Dague, Founder and Membership Committee Chair
  • Ann Juliano, Legal Committee Chair
  • Kent Leininger, Research Committee Chair
  • David C. Mitchell, Outreach Committee Chair
  • Beth Sweet, Events Committee Chair