1)TWEET! Apparently the phones are off the hook at Costello’s offices, and rumor has it he’s “leaning” towards a NO vote, so let’s take to TWITTER to help him to choose wisely on this morning’s vote. #SavetheACA #PA06https://t.co/LRxO4z1UdX  Re-tweet NOW!

2) Call Toomey and Casey today and demand that they leave the EPA alone and leave the current funding intact. The Trump administration has declared war on the air that we breath and the water that we drink. Nothing short of everything is at stake.

3) What PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES are seeking office in YOUR precinct? Visit the Chester County Voter Services website to find out who those candidates are, then support the hell out of them!!!
Let’s turn Chester County BLUE! http://www.chesco.org/156/Voter-Services