“I remain convinced, that the next big act, whatever those mobilized Americans decide to do next, is similarly going to blow everybody away in terms of what supposedly inevitable thing they stop from happening.” -Rachel Maddow, March 24, 2017

1) Celebrate. Make no bones about it, we did this, we saved the ACA. If had simply retreated to our corners and sulked in the wake of last November’s election, if we had not marched, if we had not e-mailed, called, post-carded, rallied, whatever, if we did not RESIST, then the ACA would be dead right now, and scores of Americans would be waking up without health insurance. THANK-YOU! Go out with friends and loved ones tonight and savor this victory, you deserve it. I am so proud to be a part of the resistance movement!¬†Celebrate locally tonight here.¬†

2) Our work continues. Every day another piece of the puzzle is revealed. That the Russians interfered in the election is certain, and it is seriously looking like Trump or at least someone in his campaign was working with them. To have someone given a permanent seat on the highest court in the United States while such a dark cloud hovers above is completely unacceptable. Postcard/call Casey and Toomey and tell them NO to Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

3) The NRA has money, and lots of it. We have numbers. Send a postcard today and tell Congress not to gut our gun laws. If anything, they need to be strengthened, not weakened.