We are less than 3 weeks from the 2017 Pennsylvania primary. What are you doing?

Yes, I know you’re busy. Yes, I know you make your CTA calls. But elections matter. And elections have consequences. (I know you know this!!!)

So here’s my ask: pick as many things as you can do from the following list and DO THEM. Let us know what you’re doing because when you post a comment that you’re active, it encourages others.

  1. Commit to voting in the primary on 16 May.
  2. Make sure you know where you polling place is located. Some sites have changed, and those that have are listed here.  Alternately, use this link to see all polling places across Pennsylvania.
  3. Review your ballot. You can see a copy at this link. Use your browser’s search function to find your precinct.
  4. Many of the local offices have people who have cross-posted. That means that you may not know who in a choice of two is the Democrat and who is the Republican. If you don’t know, put a note in the comments, we have the spreadsheet and can let you know your options.
  5. Have a voting plan: what time will you vote? Who will you be bringing with you? How will you get there?
  6. Find FIVE people in your neighborhood who also commit to vote: if you want to canvass, ICC will get you a list of everyone on your block.
  7. If there is an elderly or disabled person on your block, see if they need a ride to the polls and make that happen. If you know someone who needs a ride, and you can’t arrange it, let me know and I’ll get that done.
  8. On May 16th, after you vote, get on the ICC Facebook page and add your name to the “I VOTED” post that will be pinned for the day.
  9. Two of the three judicial races statewide are contested. You may have done your research and know for whom you are voting. You may not have any idea who these folks are — but you don’t want to waste your vote on someone who will not serve your interests. Information on those candidates who responded to the League of Woman Voters survey is here. ICC is not endorsing any candidates because that’s not something we do at the current time. Sometimes people ask me for whom I am voting. That information will be available to anyone who might be interested beginning on Sunday. I don’t know why people care, but I’ve been asked, and so if you want to know, drop me an email and I will email you my list and the reasons I’ve selected the specific candidates.

So that’s the list. Remember – turnout in Chester County, historically, for an election such as the May 2017 Primary runs about 11%. Let’s see if we can’t get that up to 15% – and then higher in November, and HUGE next year.