Please call Governor Wolf TODAY!

#Call or email Governor Tom Wolf right now at 717-787-2500 and to urge him to halt construction of the #MarinerEastpipeline. We are working with partner groups to try to get 1,000 calls to Wolf by the #newyear. Please add your voice now.

The construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline has caused over 100 drilling-fluid spills and has contaminated drinking water supplies, streams, and wetlands in many locations across Pennsylvania. Senator Andy Dinniman has called on Governor Wolf to halt construction of the pipeline until residents’ concerns are addressed. Dinniman’s call for a halt was joined by John C. Rafferty, Jr. and Representative Milne, Rep. Carolyn Comitta, and Krueger-Braneky, with calls from Congressman Patrick Meehanand PA State Rep. Becky Corbin for a thorough re-evaluation of the project.

Use the script below for guidance. Please leave a message so your call can count.

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Call Script
My name is [NAME] from [Town, County] and I am calling to support Senators Dinniman and Rafferty and Representatives Milne, Comitta, and Krueger-Braneky in their request that you take a leadership role and halt construction of the Mariner East II pipeline due to its public safety and environmental risks. Congressman Meehan and Representative Corbin have called for a thorough re-evaluation of the project.
As governor, you are in a unique position to protect the environment for current and future generations and have an obligation to ensure public health and safety. I urge you to heed the call of a growing number of constituents and elected officials and immediately halt construction of the Mariner East II pipeline until an impartial re-evaluation of the environmental and safety risks is complete.

#defendwhatyoulove #whereiswolf #suNOco #resistmarinereast