Nobody is above the Law — Mueller Firing Rapid Response – #NotAboveTheLaw

This is an event planned as a rapid response protest in the event that Donald Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller. The planned staging location is at the Old Courthouse in West Chester, PA. Please note that the listed date is a placeholder and will be updated to be within 24 hours of the firing, should it occur.

Over 100,000 Americans have already signed up to participate in rapid response protests, if Mueller is fired. Please RSVP to let the event hosts know that they can count on you to attend the event and to receive updates. You can also choose to receive text notifications by texting “ALERT” to 668366. If you are a member of the ICC website, you will also receive an email notification.

Note: If you choose to attend an event, you agree to engage in nonviolent, peaceful action, to act lawfully, and to strive to
de-escalate any potential confrontations with those who may disagree with our values.…/mueller-firing-rapid-respons…/13350/