Sometimes, voting in a primary means checking all the uncontested boxes as a show of support for candidates. Not this year, folks, there are an incredible number of contested races here in Chester County.  Since ICC is a non-partisan civic organization, we’ll be listing both major parties.

At the Senatorial level, there is one Democrat, and three Republicans.

For the 6th Congressional District, there appears to be one Democrat and two Republicans. Chrissy Houlahan is the only Democrat who filed with the State by the deadline, and she submitted about 4.000 signatures. Per the State, Elizabeth Moro did not file. On the Republican side, Ryan Costello turned in about 1,200 signatures, and Greg McCauley turned in about 1,100. Both apparently cleared the 1,000 minimum, but a quick review of the submitted petitions indicates that both Republican’s filing could easily be challenged, and whether either or both would clear the bar is questionable.

In the gubernatorial race, there is one Democrat and three Republicans.

The Lieutenant Governor race has 7 Democrats and 4 Republicans. One Republican, Joe Gale, was immediately bounced by the Commonwealth Court because he would be too young at the time of being sworn in. On the Democratic side, Mike Stack is being challenged for misrepresenting where he lives. (He’s incumbent, you’d think he’d know better than to use his mother’s address.)

There are two State Senate races: the 26th District is contested between Tanner Rouse and Tim Kearney, and Katie Muth being the sole Democrat in the 44th District. The Republicans are uncontested races, with the candidate being the incumbent.

Then, there are the Representatives to the General Assembly. None of the Republican positions are contested. Here are the Democrats:

  • Sue Walker in the 13th
  • Pam Hacker in the 26th
  • Josh Maxwell, Frank Pryor and Dan Williams in the 74th
  • Ronald Graham and Danielle Friel Otten in the 155th
  • Carolyn Committa in the 156th
  • Melissa Shusterman in the 157th
  • Christina Sappey in the 158th
  • Anton Andrew and Cathy Spahr in the 160th
  • Kristine Howard and Jeff McFall in the 167th

Thus, Chester County voters, there are a lot of choices! ICC will be launching (soon) our candidate database so you can see where the candidates stand, and compare apples to apples as we’re asking them all the same questions.

Statewide, and I mention this just because I CANNOT BELIEVE IT – there are thirteen (13!!!) Democrats running the 5th District for Congress.