About Us

Indivisible Chester County is the Chester County, PA chapter of the nationwide Indivisible movement.
We have over a thousand members, and that number grows daily. Some of you want to limit your involvement to making calls and writing cards and letters. Others of you want to be out in the streets protesting on a daily basis….most people fall somewhere in between.

To manage everything, we have set up committees. Some have chairs, some don’t. ALL need members to accomplish our ends. All committees will work together, and as we grow further, we may add additional committees. Some committees will be much bigger than others.
So – what would YOU like to do? This is a transparent, inclusive organization. If you have certain skills, bring it on! If you are completely new and just plain furious at “that America” and feel you don’t know anything about politics, don’t worry. There is a lot of work that needs a lot of committed hands, and training for all positions will be available.

Membership Committee

Purpose: To manage members as they wish to join our organization. Our website has a public area and a members-only area. The reason for this is two-fold: to make sure that members are who they say they are, as we need to be careful about infiltration, and second, so that we can target people in different geographic areas in Chester County, and eventually down the road be able to target for interests.

Who is a good fit for this committee?

  • Detail oriented people who can work with data, especially if you have experience with either VoteBuilder/VAN or VoterWeb.
  • People who have patience to answer questions from members, and do so with quick turnaround.
  • People with experience mentoring political newbies.

Social Media Committee

By far, the largest committee, and the one we need the most people working on. The probability of this committee spawning sub-committees is high.
Purpose 1: To help our webmaster build and manage the website.
Purpose 2: To create content for our website, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr feeds.
Purpose 3: To edit said content.
Purpose 4: To create a Rapid Response team that can get information out quickly via the routes above, as well as email and text.
Purpose 5: To create and send out blast emails using MailChimp.

Who is a good fit for this committee?

  • People with web experience.
  • People with experience doing political blogging and/or reporting. (If you have press credentials, YES!).
  • Writers.
  • Editors.
  • People with marketing experience.
  • Event people: one of the areas of the website will be a calendar listing daily events, linking to events. We need people to search out events, and submit them to a calendar editor who can quickly get them up and then, when necessary, coordinate with the Rapid Response team.

Finance Committee

Purpose: As we grow, we are going to need to raise money for everything from funding the website through likely subscriptions to things like MailChimp and Doodle. Further, we’ll need seed money to say, order Indivisible Chester County swag so we can sell it. In addition, it would be good to have a fund to help people that are harmed by the Trump administration’s actions. It is not our plan to have dues or membership fees, but we will run fundraisers.

Who is a good fit for this committee?

  • People who know about finance – how to set up and manage accounts.

Outreach Committee

Purpose 1: To reach out to other groups, some Indivisible, some other groups with whom we align.
Purpose 2: To reach out to individuals to get them involved. This includes things like voter registration drives and other outreach.

The two purposes cross in terms of working with candidates and helping to get people involved and out to the polls. This committee crosses with the Membership Committee which provides drill-down data on membership as well as potential membership targets.

Who is a good fit for this committee?

  • Outgoing people who love talking to people.
  • People who like to go make friends in bars (I’ve got stories).
  • People who can make a time commitment to attend meetings of other groups to “meet the folks”.
  • However, if you’re shy and looking for a way to get involved – just let usknow you want to work voter registration – it’s a critical operation, and you’ll be so trained that it will be easy.

Research Committee

Purpose: Our members need to be informed. The website will have an area where people can easily access data: everything from the phone numbers of elected officials, the election process, the backstory on issues that are coming up, to investigations on elected officials and candidates, as well as background on governance.

Who is a good fit for this committee?

  • People with inquisitive minds.
  • People who live to fact check.
  • People who want to know who is doing what to who.

Legal Committee

Purpose: To have lawyers as resources, especially those with a background in voter suppression. If we plan rallies or protests, we’ll need lawyers to help advise about getting permits, coordinating, avoiding arrest, etc.

Who is a good fit for this committee?

  • Pennsylvania lawyers that can provide information that the organization may need.

Events Committee

Purpose: To plan rallies, gatherings, meet-and-greets, and postcard parties to get things done.

Who is a good fit for this committee? 

  • People who like to plan social gatherings
  • People who can network to find venues for gatherings