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Date(s) - 05/09/2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

United States Custom House

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 GOAL: We call on Senator Toomey to reform our broken criminal justice system by ending racial bias in sentencing laws and policies, ending racial profiling by law enforcement, strengthening the bonds of trust between communities and police, and more.

We urge Senator Toomey to address economic justice by revitalizing the economy in those black and brown communities that have been left out and left behind through investments to create good-paying jobs, rebuild crumbling infrastructure, and connect housing to opportunity.

BACKGROUND: We reject Trump’s three executive orders on policing that are premised on the falsehoods that there is a war on cops and a rise in crime.

Trump’s executive order on crime reduction and public safety instructs Sessions to create a task force to identify solutions to reduce crime. While specifics are yet to be announced, on the campaign trail, Trump floated ideas such as a nationwide stop and frisk, armed patrol of Muslim neighborhoods and a police crackdown on black communities.

Trump’s executive order on the safety of Federal, State, tribal, and local law enforcement officers is based on the myth that there is a war on cops. Several states have already introduced “Blue Lives Matter” bills that lump police with historically oppressed minorities.
Trump’s executive order on transnational criminal organizations specifically takes aim at undocumented people with coded racist language.

The sum total of those three orders means massive new resources going to law enforcement on the federal, state and local level. We call on Toomey to publicly reject the falsehood that crime is spiraling out of control and repudiate Trump’s racist targeting of immigrants and black and brown communities.

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